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About Me
Name: Peter Zaluzny
Age: 25
A few years ago I decided to take a photography course at uni as part of a Bachelor of Journalism, and thanks to a few connections in the Sydney club scene, I began shooting between the hours of 11pm and 3am for around six months. On an evening in late 2009, some friends invited me to a local metal show and told me it was cool to bring my camera. So much fun was had that I fled the club scene and started going to as many local shows as possible, as well as some international gigs after hours of begging on the phone and via email. Things grew beyond the point of a passing interest, and today I continue to shoot both international and local artists, with a particular focus on metal bands. Recently I teamed up with LOUD Online Magazine ( as a contributor for both photos and written articles.


About My Photos
All photos on the site are available for free download for personal use, provided the p33_z33 watermark, with year and link, is retained. Photos may not be downloaded and used publicly for display, publication etc, regardless of whether they are displayed for free or for financial gain. If you are an artists who appears in a photo and would like an uncompressed, non-watermarked copy of a photograph, please email me. For more detail, read the legal section below.

All content within this site remains the property of Peter Zaluzny. Pictures, audio, video and written content may not be sold, transferred, altered, copied (including uploading and/or distribution on the internet) or publically screened without the express written permission of Peter Zaluzny outside the permissions outlined above under About My Photos. Any unauthorised selling, transferring, altering, copying or public screening of these images may be met with legal action. This includes and is not limited to homes, places of business, community centres, cinemas, oil rigs, boats, government buildings, places of education, public and private bars, clubs and live venues. Online distribution includes but is not limited to video streaming websites such as YouTube, Megavideo and all related websites, file sharing such as Megaupload and all related websites, P2P networks such as Limewire, DC++, Bearshare and all related programmes, torrent trackers such as Torrent Reactor and The Pirate Bay and all related websites, torrent clients such as Vuze and uTorrent and all related programmes, any and all websites that allow the hosting and distribution of files on their server space.

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